Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress repeated the rhetorical points against the seemingly anemic nuclear agreement likely to agreed upon by the United States and Iran.

Written by R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress was light on facts and heavy on rhetoric. This was an unfortunate result of the prime minister caving, at least in some part, to pressure elements within Israel and the unrelenting attacks coming from the U.S. media and Obama administration hatchet men (and women) declaring the 'destructive' nature the speech would bring to the Vienna nuclear talks.

The ten year freeze on Iranian nuclear advancement the president is advancing has the hallmarks of a capitulation.

Consider Iran's highly secretive and authoritarian nature, in an area larger than Alaska . A country with vast mountain ranges and a history of masking its nuclear goals with secret sites and a willingness to lie to the international community about its nuclear stash.

In truth, no one knows with certainty when Iran will be ready to deliver a missile with a nuclear warhead to Israel. It's a mere 993 miles from Tehran to Tel Aviv. I presume it could happen sooner than later.

So, what is the plan now? A really bad deal with Iran while praying the Islamic Republic doesn't intend to do as it says: wipe Israel off of the face of the earth. The official position of the Iranian regime is that action must be taken to destroy the Jewish state during the 'pacifist climate' that exists in the United States under this administration.

'Pacifist' is the word. 

I wonder if Iran will achieve its goals of Israel's destruction before the end of this American administration?

What would President Obama's statement be the morning following a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran?