The children of the baby-boomers may be the first generation to leave a lesser America to their children.

Written by R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

The personality of a generation (digitthatbox)
I remember back in the '80s when MTV and pop culture centered around this cool group of kids later known as 'Generation X'. They were disillusioned with the status quo. They embraced a new liberalism and would one day chart a new course for America.

That day has arrived. A new course has been charted.

The once cool 'Gen X' has accepted everything and discarded the old morality. They have redefined what America is and revise history through the school books to unflatteringly redefine America's achievements.

Through Civil War, two world wars and economic depression, each generation of Americans has emerged more vibrant and successful than the last.

The failing middle-class and the bizarre inability of the country to recover from recession after six years is the progressive utopia the MTV generation promised. Now the children may have to suffer the consequences of their parents' naivety and ignorance. This may be the first American generation to have a lower standard of living than their parents.

Tuesday's mid-term election might have been a last-gasp for the old America where common-sense was the general rule. Older Americans who remember when religion was embraced and there was no shame in hard work and self reliance tilted Tuesday's election. Harry Reid's mob style rule of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi's Bay Area, 'off-the-cliff ' liberalism was rejected for the time being.

These older Americans returned the country, temporarily, a state of sanity. 

Where this all originated...

An American fascism disguised as progressive and compassionate, beginning over a century ago with the likes of Woodrow Wilson, has worked to alter the American psyche. Slowly but surely, it has succeeded in expanding the depth and breadth of government and its overreach. It has created a monster of dependency and the sad reality that individuals struggle to chart their own course. The government takes your money (wastes much of it) and increasingly tells you what is appropriate to say and think (e.g. Washington Redskins losing their trademark).  

A sane and self-preserving immigration policy is rejected. Any person espousing cultural preservation and regulating immigration is quickly branded with heavy words like 'bigot' or 'racist'. 

In 2008, the uninformed and Gen X elected a man to the
So cool in the '80s (stuffpoint)
presidency. A man promising to "fundamentally change America." He kept his promise. Debt, crisis, race  tensions, foreign policy timidity and the targeting of political enemies are a cocktail for disaster. A cocktail presented as 'justice' and 'fairness' while acknowledging America's 'evil past' by 'leading from behind' and allowing the world to go straight to hell.

This cocktail had been mixed and the electorate were drinking it until last night.

The Obama phone voters didn't show up to vote.

America's youth didn't show up to vote.

Older America ruled the evening.

I wonder, as the older generation passes and America's demographics change with a wide-open border and ever-increasing cultural relativism, how much time is left for an America we recognize?