The culture and values shift flowing through America's southern border has ramifications far beyond simple immigration.

Pew Research Center

                 "We are practicing  'La
                  Reconquista' in California." 
                                           - José Pescador Osuna, Former Mexican Consul General for Los Angeles

Written by R. James Towe   james@sollicitus.us

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Republican nominee Mitt Romney (R-MA) described Russia as America's greatest geopolitical threat. Recent events have validated this position, much to the embarrassment of the Commander in Chief, recalling how he mocked Governor Romney in a presidential debate for being stuck in a Cold War mind set.

Generally speaking, geopolitical threats are matters of foreign policy that impact short or medium term outlooks with regard to the national interest. 

A more subtle and slowly developing threat to the national interest has emerged from the south. This threat may have long-term implications and threaten the America's very existence before the end of this century. This is a danger far beyond any current geopolitical foe.


The rapid change in ethnic demographics followed by voting patters has begun to shift political power from the center-right to the activist left. Despite the gains of Republicans in this year's mid-term elections, the long-term outlook favors Leftist candidates who support extensive social safety-nets and an ever growing federal bureaucracy.


Beyond a values change, Mexican emigrants hold firmly to the old country. The United States is embraced for its economic benefits rather than liberty or the value society places on the individual over the collective.

Language is likely the most important factor in maintaining a cohesive society. English speaking homogeneity is eroding in U.S. metropolitan areas where enclaves of immigrants speaking Spanish have grown into self-sustaining eco-systems. English has become an unnecessary factor in day to day life.

As generally poorly educated migrants from the third-world, these immigrants impose an unsophisticated dialect of the Spanish language on the greater population with every intention of increasing their voice as 'Latinos'. 

With such rapid immigration of a single ethnic group, assimilation into the greater population is nothing more than pipe dream in the minds of the naive.

Politicians and Conservative social pundits continue dance around the vital reasons for border enforcement and tightening immigration quotas for Latin America. They fear the 'racist' or 'bigot' tag.

Yes, the rule of law is paramount to the stability and progress of any democracy. But, more importantly, America's cultural personality that created greatness out of a strong work ethic and creative, individualistic minds is being whittled away by a far less forward thinking and intellectually adventurous immigrant. 

No longer do many of America's immigrants reach for the stars. A good number are anything but 'dreamers'. The home country is brought with them as an intended imposition. They land in the new country carrying the banner of blind nationalism and a distasteful ethnocentric bias.

America be damned.