Calls for suspending commercial air traffic to affected West African nations was immediately quashed by the President's administration and good liberals everywhere.

Written by R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us 

Dr. Thomas Frieden
''We can never forget that the enemy here is a virus. The enemy is Ebola, not people, not countries, not communities.''
                 - CDC Director, Dr. Tom Frieden

'Madness' is the accurate description.  Feel-good liberalism is infecting White House policy making as serious risks to public health cannot escape its grasp. With the face of Ebola in America's heartland, this administration continues to espouse the need for sensitivity and inclusiveness of countries and peoples.

The president is forming policy around his concern that strong steps against the rapidly spreading Ebola virus might result in racial discrimination and geographical stigma.

Excuses against a travel ban range from "America would be 'abandoning' Liberia" (founded by former American slaves in 1821) to the asinine connection between halting commercial air traffic and the hampering of aid efforts.

The refusal of President Obama to impose travel restrictions on Ebola affected countries is, in fact, a surrender of sovereignty in favor of the global community. This US government has made itself quite clear: the safety of American citizens does not trump other considerations, including the 'right' of foreign nationals to travel to the United States.

If Ebola develops into a pandemic, America might suffer with the rest of the world. In the mind of a Leftist, it's long overdue.