The reality of immigrant children pouring into the United States is not new to America's southern border. The style of detainment is the the real news. 

By R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

Prior to the current flood, several hundred thousand immigrant children from Latin America already resided in America's foster homes. From decades of illegal immigration, the Southwest has become less recognizable. Birth rates from Hispanics easily exceed those of other U.S. born groups. Couple this data with huge immigrant numbers. The result is a population explosion of the culturally dissimilar that will soon redefine the United States.

The illegal stream of migrants has created an ever increasing underclass that never assimilates, rather, it grasps ever more tightly to its roots in Latin America.

Ethnic tensions aside, an expanding voting base for Leftist candidates creates an incentive for Democratic leaders to welcome the flood of migrants.

Deportations have all but ceased while our Border Patrol are redirected to feed and house the current flow, mostly from Central America. Yes, there are children but most are fully capable individuals taking advantage of our lax border policy. 

Illegal aliens are now labeled as 'refugees' to further confuse the immigration debate. 

An intended consequence of welcoming all of Latin America is the creation of a convenient voting block for Democrats. This effort could, once and for all, destroy what remains of the Republican Party. 

America's changing face is morphing ever more rapidly as detractors feel uncomfortable in demanding a more aggressive border enforcement policy. Simply treating this country as a sovereign state with laws, rules and a unique culture are labeled as 'racist' or 'ethnocentric'. 

The American popular culture that dominates the globe is becoming more diluted and less defined. This growing confusion of what America 'is' realizes the dream of the Left. They ask with confidence: "What is an American?" One day soon, no one will know.