Television commercials are a reminder of the social engineering agenda that direct positive stereotypes at the cost of common sense.

 By R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

A Dick's Sporting Goods advertisement tells the story of an immigrant, presumably from Latin America, working hard and overcoming obstacles to succeed. On the surface, it seems like a harmless and positive message. The unfortunate reality of this and other TV ads is the ethnocentric and even racist attitudes promulgated within the popular culture. It is a vision to break the prevailing culture for a more inclusive and 'tolerant' public. A vision aimed at a heterogeneous and culturally nondescript America where everything is 'American' at the expense of the country most of us cherish.


Depicting the Hispanic teenager as a hard working student dealing with spoiled brat white girls at work somehow misses the wrath of the sensitivity police. Why are whites portrayed as insensitive and spoiled? If we are truly diverse, why weren't the rude young women Asian and black? 

She studies on the floor while watching her siblings. Her mother works late. She inevitably succeeds at high school field hockey, scoring a goal. 

This commercial is not so coincidentally similar to last fall's Northwestern University ad where a young illegal immigrant attends the prestigious university as a women's soccer player and has a Valley girl accent. 

The nebulous 'she' is the new propaganda piece for amnesty and has become known as a 'Dreamer'. 

The Dreamers were and are young people brought to the United States illegally by their parents or others and were the basis for the Dream Act which would have allowed for various benefits including in-state tuition for young illegal immigrants.


The reality is that illegal immigrants from Latin America are in the US at great expense to the tax payer and the prevailing culture, including the English language which is a cohesive necessity. 

It would be a far different debate if a significant number of those crossing from Mexico and Central America were more academically inclined and contributed with advancement and innovation. The reality is far less exciting. Hispanics continue to have excessively high drop-out rates from high school. 

The mass numbers of immigrants crossing our borders daily is creating a larger Spanish speaking community that sees no need or interest in becoming 'American'. 

Many Latin American emigrants in fact have quite hostile attitudes toward the United States. When the US national soccer team plays Mexico in Los Angeles our national anthem is booed. Has anyone wondered why the national team now plays all its matches against Mexico in Columbus, Ohio or Portland, Oregon?

I believe most Americans are generous and compassionate but using these tactics to engineer the debate is disingenuous and harmful if we truly hope to find a solution to the immigration situation the country faces.