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Filing down human behavioral traits to where we all become soulless and obedient.

By R. James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

Is it immoral to watch the Super Bowl? That's the question posed by Steve Almond in a New York Times Magazine article (Link)

As many on the Left are fans of a godless society, I immediately searched for a secular morality not unraveled by relativistic thinking. A frequent problem when trying to construct moral codes without a deity. But why football? One could argue the evils of countless activities and products. I'm sure you can think of many as you read this.

But the dangers of football aren't really the point of the Steve Almond's story. Traumatic brain injuries and bodily harm are the public face of a more calculated effort to reshape gender roles.

When I was in college, liberal professors would frequently tie world events to a machismo factor. Nuclear missiles were simply phallic symbols. Testosterone spikes threatened human existence. The Cuban Missile Crisis, for instance, was nothing more than Nikita Khrushchev trying to prove that he was more well endowed than John F. Kennedy. 

Fortunately, our world is more complex. It's okay to take yourself more seriously than simply a series of chemical reactions.

I agree that football has a problem. There is nothing wrong with discussing a future for the sport that includes rule changes and safer equipment. But let's not boycott and feel guilty about watching something that is a passion for the players. 

Football portrays traditional masculinity. It's as American as apple pie and I fear the Left dislikes it just for that reason.