Photo: Cliff 1066/Flickr Creative Commons
John Kerry blames George W. Bush for Iran's nuclear progress, limiting diplomatic options.

By R. James Towe   james@sollicitus.us

Five years into the Obama presidency, the damage of George Walker Bush is still felt globally. At least that is how the current administration has strategized to deflect failure. During the Geneva talks, Secretary of State John Kerry felt compelled to place blame on a war mongering President Bush. "In 2003, when the Iranians made an offer to the former administration with respect to their nuclear program, there were 164 centrifuges. That offer was not taken."

Although this administration has had many 'lows', portraying a rogue, oppressive group of Islamic fanatics as more level headed than an American president is certainly the most egregious of comments.

The secretary's comments should be retracted. He should apologize to President Bush. 

Setting aside Mr. Kerry's treasonous words, it would have been useful for a member of the news media to ask an obvious question. Why had this administration not succeeded with a diplomatic solution in the early days of Mr. Obama's presidency? If Kerry's premise that Iran preferred a diplomatic solution is correct, talks should have begun after a willing and reasonable president had taken office. One can recall that the administration went out of its way to extend olive branches as it shunned Green Revolution protests in 2010 and begged the Iranians to "unclench their fists."

There is an ever-growing ticker tape of failures as an administration in free-fall continues to use the 'Bush card'. Thankfully, people have stopped listening.