cuccinelli, governor, virginia
Ken Cuccinelli  Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)
America lovers revel in a close Virginia governor's race as a referendum on Obamacare.

By R James Towe james@sollicitus.us

Last night's spin from right-leaning media outlets focused on the near victory of Republican Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia's governorship. Some recent polls showed Democrat and Hillary Clinton favorite Terry McCauliffe enjoying a double digit lead over Cuccinelli. Conservatives in the media believe that the Obamacare mess elevated the Virginia Republican to his near victory, only to have the women's vote spoil Mr Cuccinelli's night.

My read is a little different.

Despite the abject failure of this president, as he completes his fifth year in office, the Republican Party is in such a state of disarray, it's incapable of capitalizing on the failures of the president. Sure, Cuccinelli came close to an upset, but the point is that he didn't win, and win big.

The Republicans are so mired identity crises and infighting that they lack any meaningful ability to take on a Democratic Party driving on three wheels. The inability to win elections is, in part, their fault, but changing demographics could be playing the biggest role in our demise.

The Party can figure itself out, and at some point, hopefully sooner than later, I assume a man or woman with true leadership and unifying talents will come out of the woodwork, so to speak and take the reins. 

What concerns me is much deeper than infighting within the GOP.

The social shift in America is making it more difficult for Conservatives, or even pseudo-Conservatives to win elections. This is the real crisis. The evolving social makeup isn't addressed by anyone on mainstream television, with the exception of Bill O'Reilly (Link). Pat Buchanan talks about it, but he has been, yes, labled as a xenophobe and a bigot. It's a sticky subject with its tentacles reaching into various parts of American society. Some fear being branded as anti-immigrant, or even racist. Immigrants are largely to blame for the 'shift' (Link), as are the growing number classified as economically indigent.

Social Engineering

In conjunction with our abysmal public schools, I see one central cause for the rapid social shift. For more than a generation, America's media outlets have bombarded the youth population to accept everything, from any lifestyle to open borders. One conforms or is branded as intolerant and hateful.  The rise of social media like Twitter and Facebook have created an amour propre generation that falls right into the hands of the Left's dream of an entitlement society. That generation has moved into adulthood, numbering into the tens of millions. Most work, pay taxes and vote...for 'tolerance' and 'progress'. If we add Hispanics and blacks, the Left is building an almost impenetrable wall. Every election becomes more daunting; the wall becomes more unmanageable.

Wisdom grows with age, so there may be hope for those indoctrinated by irresponsible media outlets. Many begin adulthood on the Left and once they realize the realities of life, tend to be less willing to tinker with their own well-being. They find that political figures really can have an impact on their everyday lives. So they begin to think with their minds and not just their hearts.

One area that I continue to write about ad nauseam is the immigration mess and the lack of willingness to close the flood gates. Despite the massive influx of socialist thinking immigrants, with their own quite ugly ethnic biases, many areas of the country are still unaware of the cultural and social shifts taking place in America. This, in part, explains the lack of attention to the immigration crisis. In Virginia, the rapidly growing Hispanic population is contributing to the shift of a once solidly red (Republican) state to blue (Dems). Democrats are thrilled because of votes. It's short sighted, irresponsible and even overtly unpatriotic.

The Republicans are at a cross-roads. They might capitulate and simply accept everything the Democratic Party argues with its silly rhetoric of 'progress' and looking toward tomorrow. I believe the GOP and the country would be better served if Americans really had a choice in direction; a well-defined vision for the future by embracing the incredible achievements of our past. It's time to explain to our youth that they are the descendants of a great people; they have a responsibility to continue the hard work of their ancestors.

The Democrats have hijacked the definition of 'progress' to include  welfare handouts and open borders, while denigrating America's religious traditions. Republicans could, if they believed in themselves, ignore men like John McCain and even Marco Rubio, and reject amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. They should yell from the mountain tops that the government is stealing your money and that's why jobs are hard to find. They should flood the airwaves with ads focusing on the deterioration of America's education system as the National Education Association has a stranglehold on the Democrats and with it any opportunity of repairing our ailing schools.

If there is hope for America saving its identity, the Republican Party must stand for something. Admonish the Left, don't contemplate its analysis of why Republicans are in the tank. Give Americans a real choice and pray it isn't too late.