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Geneva Talks   Photo: US Department of State
President tells Israeli prime minister that U.S. will be in 'consultation' as efforts progress.

By R James Towe  james@sollicitus.us

Recalling the president's embarrassment with the Syria debacle, abandoning Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and ignoring Iran's 2010 Green Revolution in a de facto nod to the mullahs, little was expected in a U.S. deal with Iran.


Two weeks ago, the French saw an extraordinarily bad agreement being rushed for the sake of a deal. France has always maintained a level of independence from the United States. I can't say as much for Britain; they go along with everything. Russia and China prefer to allow Iran to do as it pleases, so an anemic deal is fine from their perspective. You can take your guess with Germany.

On Sunday, the president phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to assure him that the U.S. would be in close consultation with its Middle East ally. Just hours earlier, it was reported that secret negotiations with Iran began in June. Israeli intelligence sources learned of the talks two months after they began.Very close consultation, indeed.

The revelation that the United States had been in secret negotiations with Iran since last summer is the latest betrayal of our allies. Placing a rogue regime of savages before our friends has been part and parcel for this administration. Our long time partner Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was abandoned for 'democracy'. Is there a special place in the president's heart for Islamic fundamentalists? 


Any agreement without the Islamic Republic's admission of a nuclear weapons program should have been a non-starter. Until the Iranians admit their nuclear program is not confined to civilian uses, they are lying. If they are lying about their ambitions, then the interim agreement is premised on falsities. Thus, the agreement has failed before it has begun.

Iranian nuclear facilities went for years without detection, so why would one assume that the installations where inspectors are allowed access are the entirety of the program? 

The Iranians sensed that this president would fall into a bad deal. In fact, the Ayatollah Khameni was furious that the French blocked the even more diluted agreement two weeks ago that failed to mention the heavy water plant (plutonium producing) at Arak. Khameni said the French were "kneeling to the Israeli regime." The Iranian promise of transparency comes with several billion dollars in relief as the sanctions cocktail will be loosened. Despite the president's assurances to the contrary, sanctions will begin to unravel. Countries will feel comfortable with Iran as a business partner as the P5+1 have, to a great extent, legitimized the regime. 

Sounds like a fool's bargain to me as this administration appears committed to a confused Middle East policy that alienates or eliminates our friends while elevating our enemies.