The worldwide Progressive movement and the battle to achieve 'social justice'.

By R James Towe

When I look at the new health care law and the continuing debate on global warming, I think of angles. Not angles as in geometry, but as in convincing one of something. Think of societal changes, be they local or global, of groups with a homogenous vision for humankind. One world, one people; what the human race should look like from the eyes of a 'progressive'.

Consider the seven billion or so people on the planet and the personalities that make societies unique from one another. Molding people into something new is easily imagined but not so tidy when put into practice. Customs of work ethic, religion and geography are vital considerations when uniting billions of very stubborn people. These important factors have separated humanity into different groups or tribes over centuries or millenia. Not surprisingly, issues of race, ethnicity and national identity won't just disappear. 

Whether primitive or advanced societies, in-congruent value systems have led to wars where millions have died. A phenomenon experienced when one value system felt a sense of superiority or fear from a competing system.

So here comes the left, economic 'justice' and social engineering in hand, as their intellectual tools to combat all the division, racism and inequality that exists around the globe.

Wealth Redistribution = Social Justice = Level Playing Field

The climate change scare has been a major tenant in the fight for global social justice. The idea postulated was that the wealthy (America, Western Europe, et al.) were polluting the globe more than developing nations. 

Now, here's the climate change angle. The wealthy, developed nations are at fault for the world's pollution, right? So, they should brunt the costs of saving nature. Since the developed nations control world economic activity, any actions they take will be felt adversely by developing or third world nations. Any agreement on climate change would have to include more than just a reduction of greenhouse emissions. It would direct deposit huge payouts to third world governments, usually governed by authoritarian regimes. 

The United Nations, home of the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC (Link) is naturally packed with developing countries. They have found powerful allies on the left, in the developed world, that in decades past were no more than fringe groups. Today, these Lefties are mainstream. In fact, the representatives from developing nations walked out of the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference (Link) in Copenhagen because the payout wasn't as much as they had hoped. It was all about money and scare tactics. It was about wealth redistribution on a global scale. Luckily, the conference was a non-starter and everyone went home empty handed. The victors were the public.

Obamacare for the masses

The Affordable Care Act is cut from the same cloth. When the president said "we are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America (Link)," he wasn't talking about the fairness of good health insurance for all Americans. He was referring to uniting the wealthy and the poor; a first step in social justice for the disenfranchised. Almost 18% of GDP is spent on healthcare in the United States (Link). It's a huge part of the economy to hand to a distrusted federal government. With the exception of the very wealthy, I fear we'll all have the same insurance and probably the same paycheck in the not to distant future.

I, like others, believe that the requirements of the law are designed to destroy the insurance industry, leading to federal health insurance for all. The eventuality similar to Britain's National Health System.

Squeezing the middle class in America has been a talent of this administration, and the increased premiums of the health care law further discourage prosperity. Employers eliminating health insurance plans and the ever increasing phenomenon of part-time employment as the new full-time will tear at the economic structure of the middle class. 

Our pocketbooks will be forced to look toward Washington. 

Class structures will be eliminated as economic factors begin to merge welfare, working and middle class families. The reality of strangling the middle class will result in their children losing the intellectual and economic advantages that have been the back bone of American society. 

The dying climate change debate will result in those world 'shapers', or the political left looking for new angles to fool the public into more wealth redistribution and the like. Domestically though, Obamacare is on our collective doorsteps. The time is nigh. Short of a miracle in the next couple of weeks, America will begin the fundamental transformation that the president has so proudly proclaimed.