Barack Obama Speech Cairo Students
The President in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009
American Influence wanes as the president loses his mojo.

By R James Towe 
It began with a mistranslation of 'reset'.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a re-badged 'easy' button to Russian Foreign Secretary Sergey Lavrov in 2009. Mr Obama asked adversaries to "unclench their fists" as America shed the hubris of the Bush administration. 

Then, at the dismay of young protesters, the president refused to support Iran's Green Revolution against an Islamic fundamentalist government that hates America and Israel. Inexplicably, he sat and watched the protests crushed. Never expressing a word of support. But, when uprisings spread throughout North Africa against tyrants, the president championed the supposed will of the people.

A long time ally and pillar of stability, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was a casualty of the wave, infamously known as the 'Arab Spring'. Our president, along with much of the American Left, celebrated the Spring as a new day for Arabs. Regimes friendly to US interests fell, as Barack Obama dismantled American imperialism.

What resulted were Islamic governments using democracy as a pretense, where America would wield no influence. Human and political rights gave way to Sharia. The dire effects of implementing these intellectual games, played by academics and dreamers, is evidenced by the tens of thousands dead in Syria. Were it not for the misguided Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, all those dead in Syria would likely be breathing. It Reminds one of the Bolshevik wave ravaging Europe during the early 20th century. Bolshevism for the greater good, regardless of the death and misery created by power hungry revolutionaries.