'Chickens have come home to roost': A secretary of state obliged to follow a president woefully unprepared for global leadership.

by James Towe

The strong Russian opposition that Vladimir Putin is exhibiting can be traced to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's 2009 reset button. Placating our adversaries, as the American far-left has long advocated, has diminished America's leadership role and placed an authoritarian figure, Putin, in a central, world shaping position.

This embarrassing confusion over what America's foreign policy should look like is in totality due to the president's box of olive branches that were spread to Iran, Russia and to Islamist political parties in Egypt and Tunisia. These tokens of peace were not taken as hugs and kisses, but rather perceived as American weakness. 

The president denies that it was his 'red-line' that led to the piecemeal approach to Syria. He explained in Sweden on Wednesday that it was the world's 'red-line'. Well, the truth is that the president never believed Bashar al-Assad would use chemical weapons on a large scale. He felt safe in creating that red-line. The world had nothing to do with it.

Now that someone, presumably the Assad regime according to the president, has killed over 1,400 people with chemical warfare, the administration has hastily put together a plan to redeem Mr Obama's now infamous words. The world looks on in disbelief as American foreign policy is at it's lowest, most disjointed state in a generation.

Enter Russia and Vladimir Putin's opportunity to humiliate the United States and defend a long time ally in Assad.

In a Wednesday speech, President Putin felt bold enough to call U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry 'a liar' after Kerry testified that al-Qaeda was a minimal part of the Syrian Free Army and that in fact, the Syrian opposition was becoming more moderate and Western.

It certainly would be necessary to 'suspend disbelief' to buy into the idea that Syria's rebels are freedom loving, Western democrats. It's looking desperate for an administration that has taken pride in leading from behind. Yes, the chickens have indeed come home to roost.